You always have a choice how to respond to life

Hello out there-
Here’s some advice for those who travel a lot. Get use to the long lines and high prices. There is really not much you can do about it. Complaining doesn’t help. In fact it only makes a tough situation worse. I know it is an inconvenience to have to take off your shoes in order to get through security. Especially if you have long laces and fancy buckles. My advice; wear loafers.
Actually you should Thank God for small favors. I mean at least the jerk who was responsible for us having to take off our shoes wasn’t the “Underwear Bomber.” I think you get the point.
I know the Airline industry is getting carried away with raising their prices. I also know that some of you are really upset that American Airlines is now charging people to check their luggage. Get use to it and be prepared, because it is going to get worse.
I wouldn’t be surprised that if one day in the not so distant future you heard the flight attendant during the safety announcement say, “If there should be a sudden change in cabin pressure an oxygen mask will fall from the over head compartment. For 25 dollars we will activate it for you.”

Motivate This
Rizzoism: You can’t stop life from throwing stuff at you, but you can always choose how to respond once it is thrown!

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