What Employees Want From Their Leaders

“What do employees want from their managers?” Before we answer this question, we want you to think about this next statement.

Employees leave bosses, not companies.

If you’re in a leadership position, you must’ve thought about what to do to keep your employees happy. Unfortunately, the answer remains rather elusive.

Some bosses think that monetary incentives and attractive employee benefits are all their subordinates want from a job. If you’re a manager who’s realized that this is not true, you’ve taken the first step toward change.

There are a few attributes all employees look for in their managers. If you successfully act on this knowledge, you too can enter the coveted “cool boss” club.

#1) Admit Your Mistakes

It’s exhausting to stroke a superior’s ego. An honest boss isn’t afraid to say the words, “I apologize for my mistake; glad we fixed it before it reached the client.”

It might go against our natural instincts to admit mistakes; however, a manager should lead by example. If you want your employees to come clean about work-related errors, you have to first admit yours.

#2) Disclose Important Information

Many organizations claim that they follow open door policies. Unfortunately, their door only swings one way. Employees are encouraged to tell them things, but managers rarely do.

It’s true that even the best leaders keep certain company-related affairs secret from their workforce. This doesn’t mean that top management should do this without considering the consequences.

For example, if you hide the fact that your company is facing a cash crunch, you might be missing out on the chance to get solutions from your employees.

On the other hand, some managers don’t disclose when cash flow is booming for fear that employees would demand a raise. Realize that the company is enjoying this wealth because of the hard work of your employees. They deserve to benefit from this wealth.

#3) Keep Your Word

It’s no secret that some hiring managers exaggerate the benefits and downplay the real problems employees face during their tenure.

Certain firms eagerly commit to providing potential employees flextime, work-from-home options and/or special attendance considerations should they pursue higher education.

However, when they go back on their promise later, it just dismantles the trust their employees had placed in them. It’s not worth it.

Honest and transparent employee-employer relationships are the key to progressive business. Both sides have to do their part. As a leader, work toward this goal and you’ll definitely see your employees reciprocate the effort.

Steve Rizzo is a renowned, Hall of Fame motivational business speaker and an impactful attitude adjuster. This inspirational speaker’s keynotes have successfully highlighted the importance of employee engagement and motivation in the corporate world.

To book Steve, contact his team at (855) 841-9225 or (724) 540-5092.

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