Unleash the Power of Your Humor Being

p265033 m - Unleash the Power of Your Humor Being

Laughter is your natural defense mechanism. It’s a prescription from your Humor Being to cure the chaos that attacks you from day to day. What is a Humor Being? Keep reading my friend, you’ll find out soon enough.

In order for me to describe what a Humor Being is, I think it would be a good idea to first define what a sense of humor is. The dictionary says the word sense means “perception or awareness; and correct reasoning; or sound judgment.” The word “humor” means “turn of mind; to sooth temper or mood, or the mental quality that produces absurd or joyful ideas.” So we can say that a sense of humor is to be aware that you have a mental quality to turn your mind in an unusual way, or a need to produce joyful or absurd ideas that can sooth your very being.

Many truly successful and happy people that I know personally or that I have studied had to overcome adversity of some kind. Inventors, discovers, entrepreneurs, actors, athletes, artists, and great minds of all kinds had to face major challenges and defy insurmountable odds on their journey toward success. But they had an ongoing optimism to move forward. Each of them had an awareness, or perception, to shift their moods to produce joyful ideas, and an ability to soothe their very being by using correct reasoning and sound judgment. This awareness or perception, as I have already stated, is by definition a sense of humor. The initiative and proficiency by which to utilize it, however, comes from what I call our “Humor Being.”

Your Humor Being is one facet of your higher self. It’s the part of you that brings out the best when times get tough. What your Humor Being can give you more than anything else is emotional stability and peace of mind.

I want you to take a few moments right now and think of the challenges you are faced with every day, personally and professionally. Now I want you to focus on a particular problem you may have at home or at work: health issues, financial problems, divorce, job security or anything that is a current cause for concern. Pay particular attention to the emotions you are feeling as a result, such as worry, anxiety, anger or fear and notice how difficult it is not to take your problems from home to work and vice-a versa.

Not only is it important to know you have a Humor Being within you, it is essential that you unleash its power every day throughout your entire life. Your Humor Being will save you from despair time and time again, and before you know it, you won’t need saving quite as often. Invoking your Humor Being as a habit will turn you into a better person with a brighter outlook.

We go through our lives and we allow unfortunate situations, unlucky circumstances, and foul people to suck the energy right out of us, because we don’t know that we have the tools that can help us cope well or even heal ourselves after bad encounters. One such tool is your Humor Being. Those who make the shift and live in harmony with their Humor Being always see the brighter alternative to a negative situation. They embrace change and cope with stress more easily. And they make conscious choices to enjoy themselves during the process of whatever they are trying to achieve.

Your natural state is that of joy and inner peace. It’s your responsibility to stay connected to that state each and every day throughout your entire life. It’s your Humor Being’s job to help you to stay connected. In fact, your Humor Being is the one essential ingredient that can help you to acquire a positive attitude, which in turn will make you a better Human Being.

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