In every experience you face, there is always a moment when all problems start out as merely seed possibilities. It is your responsibility to make sure that they don’t blossom into emotional havoc. Every spiritually evolved person that I have read about alludes to a principle that states that there is always a peaceful part of us that we can turn to and react from when times are tough. Buddha, Confucius, Gandhi, Jesus, and many others have embraced this philosophy. Jesus said, “Turn the other cheek.”

What does it mean to “turn the other cheek?” Well, first of all it doesn’t mean that we should lie down and allow people who have offended us to continue to walk all over us. It doesn’t mean that we should give life’s circumstances permission to repeatedly take advantage of us. Whenever we find ourselves in turmoil over a situation or something someone has said or done, our turmoil is an indication that we have been in the wrong state of consciousness. When we react to whatever upsets us in the same state of mind we only compound the problem. “Turning the other cheek” is an opportunity for you to shift perspective and respond from the Higher part of yourself – the other side of you.

Awareness is the first step towards turning inner conflict around. The problem is that most of us go through the course of our lives unaware that our negative emotions and inner conflicts are sucking the energy right our of us. If you are not aware of what’s happening to you, it’s impossible to choose a better way to respond. When confronted with a challenge or problem there is always a point where you can respond to the situation from the level of human consciousness alone and risk letting the situation to consume you: or you can shift perspective “turn the other cheek” and remind yourself that you are also a spiritual being and respond from your Higher Self.

Let’s say that you find yourself getting angry or jealous over a particular situation in your life: immediately say to yourself – “Where is this going to take me?” If you don’t like the answer (and when you think of the repercussions, you will not) know that you have the power to change the outcome. There is always a potential of strength within you in times of weakness. That strength comes from your Higher Self. You are both human and divine. There is that in you that can never be hurt: that is always dignified and calm and that knows your unity with God. That’s “the other cheek” – the side you turn to.

Whatever challenges you are facing, whatever your desires are, it all comes down to how you evaluate yourself in the situation. When a healthy outcome seems to be a human impossibility remember to “turn the other cheek” and respond from your Higher Self. If you do you will come to know that no one or no situation can take your good from you unless you allow it to happen. Your Higher Self always brings out the best in you when your world seems to have fallen apart at the seams.

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