Transforming an Unmotivated Employee into a Remarkable One

As the leader, it’s your job to motivate your troops. However, most businesses believe that those who straggle must be made redundant.

Truth be told, to some degree, that does make sense. Why keep an employee who isn’t useful? Why keep someone that isn’t putting in the effort?

However, before you ask that question, it’s important to ask yourself: what are you doing to help that employee?

Creating Motivation in the Workplace—One Employee at a Time

Most businesses have this belief that if an employee loses his or her focus after a couple of years, it’s time to replace them. However, hiring someone new and training them takes time, patience and effort.

Furthermore, it’s costlier to train every new recruit to do the job of a senior. So why replace senior employees in the first place?

Why not encourage and motivate them to do better?

When you reignite the spark of passion and enthusiasm within your employees, you’re guaranteed to get better results.

So, how can you motivate senior employees and boost workplace performance?

Start a Conversation

One of the worst mistakes made by employers is not getting to know their employees.

This creates a communication gap and before you know, your employees will not trust you to solve their problems.

Approach them individually and have a meeting with each one of them.

Ask them how they feel about working at the organization. Ask them if they feel comfortable or if the environment is friendly.

Make sure to ask them these questions and how you can help them feel more valued and appreciated. Once your employees know that you’re interested in their wellbeing, they will automatically open up to you.

Discuss and Encourage Ideas

Motivated and engaged employees are ones who are onboard with the company’s vision and goals. Discuss ideas and future plans you have for the organization with your employees.

Don’t hide anything from them. Let them know what the company has instore for them and what it plans to do for them.

When employees know what you’re going to do for them and the company, they automatically become invested and motivated to put in an effort.


Providing incentives can boost productivity and improve your employees’ attitude toward work. When employees have something to work toward, they put in all their effort.

Incentives don’t have to be expensive. They can be in the form of cash prizes (around ~$200), gift cards and even tickets to a movie!

Motivation plays avital role in retaining your workforce. If your employees are motivated, they will develop loyalty for the organization.

Looking for ways to inspire your employees? As a business motivational speaker, Steve Rizzo has spoken at various corporate events and conferences, using humor as an effective way to engage his audiences.

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