The Secret to Power Networking

It’s likely that your next big career move could be because of influential contacts—so start networking!

It could be your co-workers, friends, online personalities or individuals you aspire to meet. These are the folks who can potentially be your asset. They can help you achieve your goals such as forming an expansive client base or landing a new job.

On a scale of zero to five, categorize the strength of your business connection with these people. This is a great starting point to develop a strategy to receive help from the right sources.

The following are some powerful networking tips (that go beyond schmoozing) to widen your connections to corporate professionals.

Follow the Principle of Give and Take

The corporate world revolves around the crucial principle of give and take. It would be a mistake to request a favor from your network right from the get-go.

To build a stable, long-term working relationship with someone, give before you can receive. In other words, show the influential people on your list how you can benefit them.

Think of it this way: just like you wouldn’t show up empty-handed to a dinner party, you can’t expect help from potential allies without offering them a token of generosity first.

We’re not talking about grand, elaborate gestures here. It could be something as simple as an introduction to further your ally’s interests. Then you can turn the tables and ask for help.

Don’t just collect business cards

When it comes to networking, quality trumps quantity. Every time. Instead of stacking up your Rolodex, create meaningful business connections.

Those who are inexperienced in pro networking amass as many business cards as possible. They then email these contacts in the hopes of establishing a working relationship with them. This is a huge no-no because all you’re doing is spamming.

Networking should not be used for personal cold-calling. Narrow your scope and direct your efforts toward cultivating strong connections with key figure-heads.

Do your research

When you plan on meeting an important person for the first time, conduct a quick online search beforehand.

Find out subjects they’re interested in or what they’re passionate about. It might be a prestigious award they recently received or a charity they actively support.

Researching those you want to develop a relationship with displays your genuine interest in them, not just their business personality. It also helps you to offer something that’s important to them. This way, you can connect with them quickly and maintain the positive collateral you’ve established.


Learn from the Pro

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