The Price We Pay for Negative Thinking

the price we pay 255x300 - The Price We Pay for Negative Thinking

Here’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God. Sometimes I don’t practice what I preach. Sometimes I’m so caught up in life, so busy paying bills, catching planes, making decisions, writing books about being busy, achieving goals, and trying to balance my life that I don’t live in compliance with what I know on a higher level is right.

That’s life and sometimes it gets the best of me. It’s okay. I’m not perfect and I know my positivity license will not be revoked. But here’s the clincher. When I don’t practice what I preach or live in compliance with I know is right, there is usually hell to pay.

We all create our own hell when, for whatever reason, we don’t make the shift to view our challenges from a higher part of ourselves. Every time we think, feel or choose to act in a negative way, we run the risk of separating ourselves from our natural state of joy and inner peace.

The price we pay for this is the burning inner conflict that leads to physical duress and a host of mental and emotional disorders. Every destructive thought you have kills a part of you in some way.

When you allow yourself to go on emotional binges of anger, guilt, hatred, jealousy and fear, you are punishing yourself by inducing pain, sickness and failure in your life. Yes, you might feel you have every right to complain and to rant and rave about how unfair your life is. It may even seem justified not to forgive someone who deliberately you put in harms way.

Just remember that you also have a right to the migraine headaches, stomach disorders, high blood pressure and miserable existence that inevitably follows.

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