The Importance of Fostering Independence and Self-Development for Motivated Employees

happy young man skateboarding in office - The Importance of Fostering Independence and Self-Development for Motivated EmployeesThere is plenty of research to back up the fact that motivated employees are an essential part—some would say the core—of achieving business goals.

However, many employers simply overlook the fact that not everyone is motivated by financial incentives.

For some employees, it takes a lot more than a big fat paycheck.

Motivational Drivers

Two of the most sought-after intangible factors are development and training, and the capacity to work independently on projects.

After all, we are all individual with different needs. Some might respond more favorably to tangible motivators such as money and promotion; others might require more fundamental motivators to get them moving.

Managers and CEOs should create a work environment that offers a range of motivators. This ensures that every member of the team has the tools and resources as well as the goals to help propel their performance, increase employee retention and keep them enthusiastic for their future with the company.

Giving Employees the Liberty to Work Independently

Independent workers and freelancers are now a huge part of the US economy.

Studies have shown that autonomous workers are more content with their jobs and deliver more in terms of productivity.

Teach our employees that independence and responsible decision making is encouraged. This self-sufficiency will enhance the productivity of the team on the whole.

This autonomy essentially means that they have a job where they have the power to make, at least some, decisions independently. Even the smallest degree of autonomy can have a dramatic impact on them, and on the output of the organization as a whole.

Personal Growth and Professional Development

In many cases, organizations keep up with personal and professional growth of employees because it’s built into their organizational culture.

It is mostly the employees’ personal responsibility to increase their knowledge and keep their skills up-to-date. However, their managers should also be considerate enough to give them time, and access to relevant resources so they can learn new ways to fulfill the requirements of their profession.

Attending motivational seminars and industry conferences is also an important part of this drive.

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