The Business of Nourishing Your Soul in Business

p264913 m - The Business of Nourishing Your Soul in BusinessIn my last Blog I stated that when I shift my focus and allow my Higher Self to take over, I know that there is that in me that can meet any challenge head-on and be blessed by it.  It is this rock solid attitude that opens my spiritual reservoir and fosters my soul to grow.

What is soul?  “Soul” has different meanings to different people.  (Especially to the “Godfather of Soul,”) James Brown, “We got to have it, soul power!”)  Author and spiritual teacher Marianne Williamson says, “Our Soul is our life, everything else is fiction-a mind game, in authenticity.”

I believe our soul is the very essence of who we really are, both personally and professionally.  It is always present and it cannot be destroyed—only covered up. We cover up the soul when we neglect to nourish it.  Below are some examples of how we nourish our soul.

  • When you learn the lessons that life is trying to teach you, you nourish your soul.
  • When you respond to challenges from a higher place, you nourish your soul.
  • When you are compassionate, loving, and giving, you nourish your soul.
  • When you are able to forgive yourself and others, you nourish your soul.
  • When you engage in activities at work or at home that give your life depth, meaning and joy, you nourish your soul.
  • When you pray, meditate or commune with your Higher self in any way, you nourish your soul.
  • When you laugh, you nourish your soul. (If you haven’t noticed yet, this one is very important, so for your sake, YUK IT UP!)

Surely there are many examples I can give, but I think you get the point.  Nourishing you soul replenishes hope, faith and gives you a boost of optimism.  I believe our inability to recognize opportunities to nourish our souls is the main reason why we aren’t often completely at peace with ourselves, at work and in life.

Your soul is your lifetime business partner on your journey towards success. All it requires is your attention along the way.  When bad habits and toxic beliefs lead you to dead ends or a hostile reality, or when misfortune and heartache paralyze you, preventing you from moving on with your life, your partner (your soul) does not abandon you or judge you. It patiently waits for the day when you choose to wake up and become aware of what you are doing to yourself and to realize who you really are and what you are truly capable of achieving.

You honor your soul when you give it the attention it needs.  That’s when the magic begins and the rewards you get in return are immeasurable.  What rewards?  How about peace of mind, inner joy, bliss and confidence, to name a few?  In other words, your soul can only do for you, what you choose to do for it.  To parody a famous phrase from John F. Kennedy, “Ask not what your soul can do for you. Ask what you can do for your soul.”  (Hey, that’s pretty good!)

That’s how this unique partnership works.  You nourish your soul and your soul will feed you and help you grow in return.  If you ignore soul, it can’t help you. Got it?  Good!

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