The Best Strategies for Coping with Failure and Disappointment

Disappointment and frustration are two very tricky emotions to deal with. This is because we often deal with situations in the workplace that can bring disappointment.

A client who refuses to pay after getting the project completed.

A colleague who said they would cover your shift but bailed.

The software you use every day crashing, resulting in data loss.

However, some disappointments aren’t minor setbacks. They can be life-changing. That’s when we feel like giving up hope and throwing in the towel.

While it’s understandable that a stressful situation can drain you of hope, remember that making use of what we have is the best way to move forward.

Here are a few steps you can take to cope with failure and disappointment:

Analyze the Situation

It’s easier said than done, but it’s best to analyze the situation. Take a deep breath and gather your thoughts.

Is the situation really that bad? Are there no options left? What’s the best course of action?

Ask yourself these questions. Remember that if you can’t fix the situation immediately, it’s best to think about it rationally and come up with a solution.

For example: If a client has asked for a refund, you’re probably blaming yourself. However, if the client is known to be finicky, ask yourself if there was anything that could have been done.

If you had followed the instructions provided, is there a need for a refund? What are your policies for refunds? If you don’t have any, it’s time to create them.

Analyze the Situation - The Best Strategies for Coping with Failure and Disappointment

Don’t Dwell on It

It’s understandable that the situation is stressful. However, obsessing over it will prevent you from finding a solution. Don’t think about the “whys” and “hows.”

Think about what you can do to make everything better. Remember that you can’t change the past, but you can shape the future.

Think about the lessons you’ve learned from the situation. Then think about what you can do to prevent the problem from occurring again.

Don’t Seek Approval from Others

Others are not going to make sacrifices for us. As sad and unfortunate as it is, it’s the truth. The corporate world is highly competitive. Seeking constant approval from everyone will hinder growth.

Don’t ask colleagues for advice on every project. Instead, deliver it directly to your manager. If there are changes needed, your manager will let you know.

This way, you’ll learn about what works and doesn’t work. Asking too many people will lead you to disappointment if you don’t meet their requirements.

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