Strict Control vs. Runaway Success: Which One Would You Choose?

chaos order buttons show disorder or management - Strict Control vs. Runaway Success: Which One Would You Choose?There is a constant power struggle within organizational structures, and oftentimes, it’s not so subtle.

Some managers are of the view that keeping complete control over each task is their right! Others are convinced that giving complete autonomy to the workforce is the best possible route for success as an organization.

However, managers know that the right path goes from somewhere in between the two ideas.

It is a manager’s job to control the organization; they are ones answerable after all. Relinquishing total control will end up destroying the culture and vision the company was built with. But at the same time, letting go of some ideas and tasks can lead to better endings. A successful manager knows what to control and what to delegate.

Steve Rizzo suggests the following path for modern managers rooting for success!

Always Manage By the Numbers…

There is nothing wrong in keeping track of everything that goes on under your watch. Put in place written systems for everything. This will not only help you keep up with the everyday tasks, but will also provide important data for comparison in the future. Know your numbers, and make your decisions based on the data gathered daily.

But Also, Keep Your Ego in Check and Listen to Others

When staff members are provided with new responsibilities as well as the authorities to carry out the tasks necessary to fulfill them, they feel valued. Find advisors among your team members and bounce your ideas off them; let them push the organization in newer, more exciting directions. Remember, none of this is really about you. It is about the business as a whole, so you can’t let your ego be in control.

And Don’t Forget To Delegate to Employees!

Avoid micromanagement; it can drive your staff crazy. As a manage, it is also your job to delegate and ensure continued progress. Delegate the right tasks to the right people at the right time and the results will be better than your expectations!

Finally, Find the Time and Lighten Up A Lighten

Have fun. Being an entrepreneur, manager, supervisor or team lead is a step-up to a better career. Make it work. Remember, humor is a powerful motivator. Bring more of it into your life and into the workplace.

Let Steve Rizzo help. The highly entertaining celebrity motivational speaker can inject humor and inspiration into any corporate proceedings. Hire him here.

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