Speak Words that Empower You

Thoughts are one thing. Sometimes, you can even convince yourself that you’re not being very negative, especially when the situation really calls for some good old fashioned angst. Words are an entirely different and often times more powerful animal. We need to be especially careful about the words we speak out loud when things aren’t going the way we want. Yes, it’s true that what you think is what you get, but what you say out loud in the midst of troubling times has even greater impact on how long you stay in those situations and how deeply you are affected by the situation. If you’re always describing your problems with defeatist language, don’t be surprised if you live in constant turmoil and you feel like you are constantly saying, “I never get a break”, “I’m not lucky”, and “Good things never happen to me”. What do you expect? These words are not only self defeating in the moment, but they keep you from seeing possibilities to a brighter outcome or finding solutions to problems.
The inevitability that your words will affect your attitude and thus your situation, is spiritual law that always works to perfection, whether what you are saying is positive or negative. The moment you open up your mouth to say something, you ignite the beginning stages that lead to enormous creative power. You can create your own reality with your words, ultimately building high walls that keep you trapped in or bridges that can help you escape your situation gracefully. Again, the choice is yours, but do understand this: You will never be able to see the escape from a hole of negativity by voicing more of the same. Either wallow in it or give yourself a fighting chance to get out.

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