Rizz-O-Isms: Common Sense Success Strategies (Part 3)

p914654 m - Rizz-O-Isms: Common Sense Success Strategies (Part 3)

It’s Rizz-O-Gram time!!  Here are more Rizz-O-Isms!! As you know Rizz-O-Isms are Common Sense Success Strategies that will take you to a better place in Business and in Life.

  • Breaking old habits and beliefs are dependent upon noticing them as the barriers to happiness that they are.  Simply by being aware that you yourself are creating these barriers will open your mind to other possibilities.  In other words, as soon as you notice that you are unhappy or not feeling right and recognize that the deceptive voice inside your head is responsible, you are able to shift to a higher place where you will be less likely to be affected.
  • It really makes no difference whether something happened twenty minutes ago or twenty years ago. The past can be an absolutely irrelevant factor in our capacity to be at peace and to enjoy our lives now.  Yet so many people hold onto their past struggles and use them as reasons for not being happy and successful.
  • Our toxic past experiences no matter how severe are inconsequential in the present.  It defies logic and common sense to hold onto emotional baggage like fear, anger, guilt, from hours, days or years gone by.  In fact, our past struggles can be our greatest blessings, if we learn from them and move on with or lives.
  • Learning from our toxic past commends, while harboring condemns.  Stick that one on your refrigerator!

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