Our Inner Conflicts: Part 3

In part 2 you learned how humor can be a difference maker in learning life’s lessons. Now I will show you step by step how you Humor Being can help you to learn those lessons.
Remember, your Humor Being is the part of you that brings out the best in you when times are tough. But you don’t have to be a comedian, armed with an arsenal of rapid fire funny remarks or wise cracks at your disposal to give your Humor Being the opportunity to express itself. What’s important is not necessarily to be funny, but rather to allow yourself to see the funny in a stressful or challenging situation. This is a habit that anyone can master. The more you challenge yourself to see the humor during adverse times, the more your Humor Being will become a part of who you are, the more you will be able to enjoy your life.

So when do you need to tap into your Humor Being? When you become aware that your emotions are veering out of control. How do you determine they’re heading in that direction? Stop, take a deep breath and ask yourself any number of the following warning questions.

“What will be the consequences if I hold on to this anger?”

“I have an important meeting with a client. Am I putting my best foot forward now?”

“What will happen if I don’t get my SHIFT together?”

“I have an extremely busy day. Am I in the mood I need to be in to get things done?”

“Are my fears keeping me from succeeding?”

“What can I do to turn this mood around?”

“What would Steve Rizzo say if he could see me now?”

These types of questions act like radar, warning you that you’re spinning out of control and becoming dangerously negative. More importantly, warning questions are good reminders that there are better ways to deal with frustrating and chaotic events, than clinging to worst-case scenarios.

Here is one humorous strategy to get you on your way. The next time you’re at the breaking point of losing it, imagine that your Humor Being has a voice and is taking on the role of a news reporter giving you the blow-by-blow account of what is happening inside you.

“We interrupt your regularly scheduled life to bring you this special news bulletin!  This is a message from your emotional broadcasting system.  It has been brought to our attention that you are late, stuck in traffic, and your back sweat is turning your seat into the Everglades!  You are now being tested to evaluate the severity of the negative situation.  Right now you have a choice!  You can get YOUR SHIFT TOGETHER and laugh, learn the lessons life is trying to teach you, nourish you soul, move on with confidence and enjoy the day, or you can suffer from inner conflict, get angry, lose control and let opportunities pass you by!  May the SHIFT be with you….Back to you in the studio Chuck.”

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