Job Well Done And We Had Fun

Last week I invited my friends and business associates Ed Primeau and Shelley Sink to spend 4 days and 3 nights at my home. The plan was to make this visit a joint venture of business/vacation and I must say that it was a brilliant idea. We all had an absolute blast! Great food, great wine and non-stop laughter!

As far as the business aspect of our venture, mission was accomplished. Ed and Shelley are the best at what they do. We created an incredible Video Demo to present to SHOWTIME for my new special. I am very pleased at the results. It just goes to show, business doesn’t always have to be work, it can and should be fun!

  1. I am a comedian Motivation Speaker who is looking to go to the next level of speaking. What is your advice. Also, what is you special for Showtime ? Is it just stand-up comedy or something dealing with motivation?

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