Hell or Heaven

Ralph Waldo Emerson was right when he said, “To different minds,
the same world is a hell or heaven.” It’s a matter of perspective.
The same occurrence can be experienced and interpreted in
different ways by different people. There are those who view
little mishaps as a major catastrophe, while others find the humor
in them. Some people would have their day ruined if their car
didn’t start. People like these intensify their problems by
continuously rehashing their woe-is-me story. This is also the
attitude that will keep them from the success and happiness they
desire. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to enjoy your life on
any level if you are always focusing on what isn’t working. That’s
not to say that your wrong to get upset when your car doesn’t start
and you’re late for work. That’s natural of course, but you’re
doing yourself a grave disservice by dwelling on that all day long.
If you’re not vigilant, one bad mood can snowball out of control and
ruin what could otherwise be an enjoyable and productive day.
As always, the choice is yours.

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