Growth vs. Comfort: Making a Choice for Your Career

There comes a time in your career where everything is comfortably stable. You’ve been doing the same thing day in and day out, and you’ve grown to find comfort in it. The steady routine, although not that stimulating, gives you a sense of security. More often than not, this sense of security is false – like a lull before the storm.

Stay too long in your comfort zone and you risk being stuck there forever. It may seem like a nice place to be, but eventually, you see no real career growth, and constant stagnancy can start driving you up the wall.

If you feel like you’re not pushing yourself enough and have gotten too comfortable, it’s time to take a step forward. Here are a few ways you can ditch the comfort zone and try new things.

Push Yourself Toward New Challenges

Have you always admired people who are confident and know what they’re doing? You too can become one of them if you push yourself.

If you’ve been setting safe goals, obstacles that require little effort to overcome, then you need to do more. The more you push yourself to try different things, the more you’ll realize all that you’re capable of. This will help you to be more confident in your own skin.

Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses

In order to step outside your comfort zone, you need to understand what it is that gives you comfort in the first place.

Do you have a security blanket that keeps you away from difficulty? It could be a person, or it could be a skill that you frequently use.

Either way, you’ve gotten used to relying on it. Identify what your weaknesses are and how you can use your strengths to overcome them.

H9FbxMj - Growth vs. Comfort: Making a Choice for Your CareerSeek New Opportunities

This is the step that many of us don’t like, but it’s one worth taking. You need to strive toward something that makes you nervous. It could be leaving a comfortable job, taking up public speaking or something as small as saying ‘no’ to others. Give discomfort a try because that’s the only way you’ll transform your weaknesses into strengths.

Remember That Nothing Is Forever

Don’t think the job you have right now or the options that you face today are set in stone. Keep in mind that nothing is permanent. No matter how it seems now, you’re not always going to be stuck in the same place.

Whatever choices you make will bring forth new learning experiences, and every experience will teach you something to help you face the next challenge.

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