Fighting Against Procrastination: Getting Things Done on Time

All of us procrastinate—some more than others. Often, when we perceive a particular task to be uninteresting and time-consuming, we turn to activities that offer more enjoyment and instant pleasure.

Occasional or habitual procrastinating can take quite the toll on productivity. Luckily for you, managing time and discouraging the urge to procrastinate is rather easy.

Prioritize Tasks

Procrastination comes about as a result of being overwhelmed—the pile of work and the list of tasks to be done can seem considerably daunting to tackle.

However, prioritizing your tasks and breaking them down into manageable goals can help you get the ball rolling. Out of all the looming responsibilities that are giving you stress, identify what is the number one priority and focus on just that for the day.

Avoid Self-Blame

When we procrastinate, we tend to add in a little self-blame along with it. This behavior leads to more avoidance of pending tasks and is not conducive to a healthy approach to time management and productivity.

Don’t be too hard on yourself for not wanting to do a particular project or task—it will only make you feel worse. Don’t give up on yourself either. Keep finding ways to become productive even if it is by doing some unrelated chore to get you in the work headspace.

Get Rid of Distractions

When we procrastinate, we waste time with anything and everything within our reach. Whether it’s all the social media apps on your phone, Netflix on your laptop or chatting with coworkers, there is a whole world of distraction around you to help you scratch that procrastination itch.

By minimizing the distractions present in your workspace, you can significantly alleviate your tendency to procrastinate. Fewer distractions means better focus, which can help you keep to the tasks at hand.

Getting tasks done when they need to be done is all a part of the bigger picture of chasing after your goals in life. If you’re looking for insight into strategies on how to attain success and live the life you want, turn to comedy motivational speaker Steve Rizzo for guidance!

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