Feeling the Burn-out? 3 Ways to Recharge Yourself … FAST!

spiritual retreat sign - Feeling the Burn-out? 3 Ways to Recharge Yourself … FAST!Whether you are dedicated to waiting tables at the moment or running a multinational company, chances are that your job is a huge stressor in your life. A fulfilling career comes with its own set of challenges and sometimes staying inspired can become extremely difficult no matter how hard we try.

Hall of Fame member Steve Rizzo offers motivational boosts for corporations and individuals using the spoken word via his motivational speeches and books. He offers the following quick and tested methods of recharging yourself when you are weighed down by negativity, at work or in your personal life.

·         Disconnect from It All

Yes, you love what you do. But that doesn’t mean you have to be glued to it 24/7. Take a break. Spend some time with your friends, family and loved ones. Take a walk, but leave the smart phone home. Take a road trip. Go to the beach. Pick up a good book and hit the bed. Disconnect from the stressors and hit the reset button with activities you really enjoy.

·         Stay Organized to Stay Focused

Make to-do lists, set up a schedule and write down your goals. This will help you stay organized and accountable to yourself about what needs to be done on a daily basis. This way you can get things done even when you feel too down to really worry about what you need to do today. You already have it mapped out in front of you. And seriously, once you are done with it all, you will feel better and accomplished.

·         Do What You Love

If the burnout episodes happen often, ask yourself: Why am I even doing this?

Do you dread the whole idea of getting to work? If the answer is yes, it’s time to maybe search for other, more fulfilling careers. The biggest paycheck and the most amazing amenities will not help you feel excited about the work. Your time is precious; spend it doing things you are passionate about. Life is too short to worry about finding motivation for work that doesn’t excite and fulfill you.

The Last Word

Society celebrates stress and fatigue as signs of success. The reality couldn’t be farther from the truth. Pick your favorite businessperson/billionaire and you will see someone who is sure of him- or herself without going crazy with stress!

Relax and try out the above-mentioned strategies by Steve Rizzo and use his books and speeches to find the inspiration you need!

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