Family Members

Earlier this morning I took my 16 year old Lab Casey for a walk. I swear I couldn’t help but wonder if she needed to go, or if she sensed that I needed to get out in the fresh air to clear my head.

Dogs are like that you know. Not only do they have a keen sense of knowing that something is not right with you, but they usually know what to do to make you feel better. All you have to do is pay attention to the message that they are trying to convey.

If they come along and drop a ball in front of you, then that’s time for you to put your troubles aside and play. If they approach you and put their head in your lap, that’s their way of letting you know that they are there and it’s time to let go and cuddle. If they walk over to the door, look you straight in the face and bark, they could very well be telling you that you, need to go for a walk.

If you acknowledge any of the obvious gestures that these four legged angels are trying to convey to you, you will be amazed on how therapeutic their motives can be. Dogs are natural healers. Dogs are teachers. Dogs have a spiritual essence about them. It’s not a coincidence what happens when you spell DOG backwards.

I have 4 Labs in all; Casey, who I just mentioned, Brandy, age 12, Jessie, age 8 and our newest addition Wally who will be 2 in December. They are not my pets. They are family members. Each one has the ability to sense when something is wrong. Each has their own personality and unique gift to give. I thank God every day for their uncanny way of showing me the true meaning of unconditional love.

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