Dealing with Change Positively in the Workplace

Fear helps us survive. It tells us to be afraid of the vicious dog across the street. Or to look both way as you cross the street. It protects us from danger.

However, there’s also a dark side to fear. It paralyzes us, prevents us from doing anything because we’re scared of the unknown.

When fear is overwhelming, it can be detrimental to our survival. After all, humans are creatures of comfort. We don’t like change.

The thing is, change is inevitable. Whether it’s a change of management at your workplace or a shift in existing policies, you need to be able to adapt to survive. Here’s how you can deal with change positively at the workplace.

Accept That Things Are Changing

Let’s say you work at a law firm. You’ve been a manager there for 11 years now. Every time you draft corporate legal advice for a client, it’s sent through without any changes. No one makes changes to it.

However, a new partner was just inducted to the firm. She’s worried about clients being given legal advice that’s not completely sound. Suddenly, someone else is making edits to the legal advice you draft. There are at least three sets of eyes that go over it before it’s sent through. You feel slighted.

The first thing you need to do in this circumstance is be honest with yourself. Are the edits being made making it a stronger document? Do clients stand to benefit? If the answer is yes, you need to let go of your pride. You need to accept that things are changing for the better! It’s the first step in adapting to change in the workplace.

st311 - Dealing with Change Positively in the Workplace

There’s Strength in Community

If you’ve been working there for a long time, there’s bound to be colleagues and friends who are going through the same emotions that you are. It’s important that you not only engage with your emotions regarding the change, but also check in with everyone else around you about how they feel about it.

This not only makes you feel like you are understood, it also allows you to reminisce about “the old times” with colleagues. It helps you process your sadness regarding the change instead of reacting to it in a kneejerk manner. It helps you deal with change in a healthy way.

Know That the Change Is Happening With You

Too many employees feel that change is happening to them. This is also the fault of management that doesn’t make employees feel like they’re part of the decision-making process.

However, remind yourself that you have agency within the organization. That change is not happening to you, it’s happening with you. You can choose to be a part of this new phase of the organization or stay on while festering negative emotions on the inside.

When you embrace change and dive in head first, it not only makes for a happier workplace, but can also reinvigorate your love for your work. Communicate with management regarding what needs to change in the organization. Tell them what they can do better. Ensuring that change happens with you is the best way to deal with change at the workplace; because you are the change!


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