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We all have opportunities to be messengers of hope when we give of ourselves and indulge in acts of kindness, Steve Rizzo Happy Thanksgiving!

Holding you, I held everything For a moment, wasn’t I the king? But if I’d only known how the king would fall Hey who’s to say, you know I might have changed it all And now I’m glad I didn’t know The way it all would end, the way it all would go Our lives, […]

It’s the journey toward your goal; lessons learned, that ultimately promote an inner state of true happiness. Steve Rizzo, Humor With a Message

Life does not always have to be scary while trying new things, consider it an adventure. Do you remember when you were a kid & all you wanted to do was go off & go on an adventure. Well, you’re an adult now, go……. Why Not Enjoy The Process

One day I was walking along a pier in San Diego when I noticed a young woman dancing and singing softly to herself. Occasionally, she would stop and take a sip of her coffee. As I walked by she waved and smiled, and this wasn’t just a run-of-the-mill, everyday smile. It was a radiant smile. […]

Not too long ago, I was sitting on a beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and noticed a couple holding hands, walking along the shoreline. They looked so peaceful, like an advertisement for an island getaway. And then it happened: his cell phone went off. She gave him a look as if to say, “I […]

In my last Blog I stated that when I shift my focus and allow my Higher Self to take over, I know that there is that in me that can meet any challenge head-on and be blessed by it. It is this rock solid attitude that opens my spiritual reservoir and fosters my soul to […]

Your ability to make a shift to view a stressful or painful situation from a healthier perspective is the ultimate empowerment. And whether you know it or not, the reason you gain this empowerment is because you have made a connection, either consciously or unconsciously, to a higher part of yourself. Yes, there is more […]

In part 2 you learned how humor can be a difference maker in learning life’s lessons. Now I will show you step by step how you Humor Being can help you to learn those lessons. Remember, your Humor Being is the part of you that brings out the best in you when times are tough. […]

In part 1, we learned how our lives become easier when we view our challenges and annoyances not as burdens that bring us down, but as opportunities to evolve. Here is where humor can be a big difference maker. One time, Gina and I were running late for an important dinner engagement with a corporate […]