The Key to Embrace Change

change 300x225 - The Key to Embrace Change

I often speak to companies on how to embrace change in the workplace. Many times the audience members have the same educational background, same job description, and the same or similar responsibilities. Everyone is experiencing the changes that are taking place. Yet I know for a fact that some will move forward with enthusiasm, positive energy, and enjoy themselves during the process. While others will merely go through the motions, complain along the way and have great difficulty making their lives work.

Why is this so? Why is it that some will move forward and even become empowered as a result of the change; while others will have great difficulty to the point of feeling victimized? I’ll tell you why. It’s because of what each individual is thinking and saying to themselves.

Some will instantly ask themselves empowering questions and declare empowering statements that will lead to brighter alternatives, such as:

What makes this situation positive?
What are my assets here?
This change will force me to learn and that can only make me stronger.
I will make the best of it and enjoy myself along the way.
This is an opportunity for me to grow.

Others will fall prey to the repetitious voice in their heads that never shuts up; that voice is the flow of compulsive fear, based thoughts that usually come from past experiences that never worked out.

Why is this happening to me?

Here we go again!
Why can’t I ever get a break?
I will never be able to handle this!
What’s the use, no one cares anyway!

When your thoughts are expressed in words, you increase their energy and intensify the effect they have in your life.

The act of positive self talk will not only strengthen your character, but also boost your spirit. It is beneficial for you to ask yourself what good can come out of even the most challenging situation no matter how bleak it may seem. Even a very poor economic situation can be viewed as an opportunity to grow if we so choose. It will be difficult, if not impossible for you to seek opportunity if you are consumed with thoughts of fear, anger, and self doubt.

Asking yourself empowering questions and declaring empowering statements help you to rebuild on a foundation of hope. Remember, it’s not the change that takes place in your life that causes you to be consumed by fear. Rather, it’s how you perceive the change that makes the difference. If what you think is what you get, then you need to create a thinking system that will lead you to take action that will be advantageous in spite of the situation.

Your perception of yourself and this changing world around you are key factors to your success and happiness. If you think you are weak, inadequate or feel victimized then the energy you send out will mirror those thoughts. It will be difficult to succeed and be happy when harboring such thoughts.

If you believe you are powerful and view life as a never-ending learning experience filled with choices – you – will formulate within yourself a sense of hope. Then the energy you send out will mirror those thoughts, enabling you to lead a more fulfilling life. The choice is yours my friend. It always was and it always will be.


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