America’s Collective Humor Being

A few weeks after 9/11, I experienced an inward glow when I witnessed America’s collective Humor Being helping us to shift our focus away from the pain. Not only was Osama Bin Laden being bombarded by air strikes, but also by punch lines. Late night television hosts like Jay Leno led the attack and helped us all to laugh off the fear. Osama goes to a fortune teller to find out how long he has to live. The fortune-teller informs him that he will die on a famous American holiday. “Which one?” Bin Laden asks. “Whatever day you die will be a famous American holiday,” the fortune-teller replies. The healing of America began to flourish the day we adjusted our attitudes and made the shift to laugh off the fear. ”
Yes, Osama Bin Laden is now dead and the entire country is celebrating. But let us not forget that we are still at the mercy of a group of religious fanatics, who have no regard for human life, including their own. And whose mission in life is to instill fear. On top of all of this we are in harsh economic times, political change and a news media that constantly reminds us how bad and dangerous things are. Yes, we are all being forced to live a new normal. The ones who will ultimately prevail are the ones who will deal with the fear factor and adapt. I guarantee you; those who do adapt are the ones that make conscious choices to shift their focus, their beliefs and their way of thinking. Guess what? Humor can help us to make the shifts that are necessary to move forward with hope and confidence.
Terrorists everywhere need to know that they can knock down our buildings, but they cannot kill the SPIRIT that constitutes who we are. THE SPIRIT LIVES ON!! If we don’t allow ourselves to laugh off the fear, terror always wins, no matter what guise it comes in. We all have a Humor Being within us. Your Humor Being is of your higher self, it is the part of you that brings out the best in you, especially when times are tough. Use it and live free.

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