A SHIFT in Direction

p513261 m1 472x295 - A SHIFT in DirectionA while back I was attending a National Speakers Association conference at The Marriott World Hotel in Orlando FL. One Sunday Evening a group of us were sitting in the lobby area telling stories, laughing and having fun. Then someone said, “Hey Steve, why did you quit stand-up-comedy? I always thought you were one of the best and I was a big fan.”

Everyone was staring and waiting for my response. I paused for a few moments, thanked him for the compliment and then I answered his question. “I never quit stand-up-comedy. I simply made a SHIFT in direction. I guess you could say I had a calling to do something else.”

That wasn’t the first time I was asked that question. I know it won’t be the last. There have been times when I wondered where I would be today had I continued to pursue my comedy career. But one thing is certain; I have no regrets. I made the right decision.

Yes, I did walk away from a promising career as stand-up-comedian. No, it wasn’t easy. In fact it was very difficult. One thing I learned throughout this entire process is that just because you’re very good at something, doesn’t mean it’s what you’re supposed to do with your life.

I now offer a unique and insightful perspective on the journey that brought me to where I stand today. My quest to remove the boundaries that were keeping me from the life I truly desired has brought my work full circle. I now understand that all of my past experiences (the pain and the glory) were necessary to prepare me for my true calling. “To work with people who want to start each day with and unstoppable attitude to succeed, while enjoying the process, regardless of their circumstances.”

I have spent much of my life learning how to pursue and achieve my own definition of success. That definition has evolved to include showing others my blueprint for realizing their dreams; achieving personal and professional excellence, regardless of what is transpiring in their lives.

Throughout my travels as a funny motivational speaker/comedian, personal development coach, (or whatever title you want to label me with with) events have led me to people who have overcome major challenges in their lives, from financial disaster to the loss of a loved one.

Some were seriously injured in an accident; others were diagnosed with cancer or infected with HIV.  In all cases, these people proclaimed that their ability to shift their focus from the negative to the positive was the key factor in either a full recovery, or a total acceptance of their situation which allowed them peace of mind.  Thus, the title of the book and new program “Get Your Shift Together.”

One more thing, the comedian is still with me. It always was and it always will be.  But if they laugh while they learn, then that’s just an added bonus.

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