A Little Funny Business: Introducing Humor in the Workplace

As working professionals, we have a certain routine, a certain cycle of going back and forth from the workplace. When stuck in the usual nine-to-fives, a bit of humor becomes necessary for survival.

Popular culture isn’t lacking inspiration for workplace humor.

Shows like The Office may have their laughable approaches to solving problems, but they do hit the mark with capturing the human factor of workplace with their satire.

A chuckle here and there reminds us that we have not yet fully landed in the robot revolution. Laughter is one of the key ingredients in relieving stress, according to business studies.

If you work in a high-stress environment, then the use of humor is even more crucial. Are you ready to incorporate laughter into your work? These are some of the things you can do:

1.     People who smile…

Hire people who you believe will add some laughs to the mix. People with a good sense of humor tend not to get overwhelmed in all the seriousness of work, and generally get on well with others. In addition to work experience and skills, morality and outlook matter in creating a suitable work environment.

2.     An event for merriment…

Work picnics and retreats are created for a reason; these events allow people to unwind and enjoy themselves.

The barriers of superiority are taken down a notch when managers and subordinates come together for no other reason than to grab some grub and give their own humorous perspectives on anything—from impending socio-political doom to that leaking office dispenser issue.

3.     A ray of sunshine…

Make an effort to exude positivity when things seem down by imparting humor. We all have that one coworker who can make people laugh with a straight-faced remark.

When “all becomes serious,” the need for laughter, or simply smiles at the very least, becomes necessary to relieve tension as well as increase productivity.

4.     Breaking laugh lines…

A funny piece of news posted up on the company website or employee accounts, or even having a literal notice board with funny posts, pulls a giggle or two from every viewer.

If you can, introduce a weekly newsletter with highlights of the work week, including a few inside jokes.

As a corporate motivational speaker focused on the use of laugher in his content-rich speeches, Steve Rizzo emphasizes the importance of workplace humor.

Humor—appropriate and unoffending—is a great element to have in any work environment. A laugh or two can go a long way toward making yourself and others feel more enthusiastic about work.

Need some inspiration? Check out some of Steve’s funny motivational speeches.

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