A Cosmic Wakeup Call to Put Your Life into Perspective

Steve rizzo - A Cosmic Wakeup Call to Put Your Life into Perspective

The other day I was in a bit of a rut. Okay, it was more like a negative tail-spin. Don’t give me that look.  Even a Funny Motivational Speaker, comedian, stress management speaker, funny corporate speaker, or whatever title you want to tag me with, can enter the Negative Zone. In fact, not only was I in the Negative Zone, but the door closed behind me and I couldn’t get out.

To be honest, I was getting so caught up and stressed out over a new business venture, that I wasn’t enjoying the process. Now if you’ve ever heard me speak or read any of my books or articles, you’re probably thinking, “Oh no Steve! Not you! That’s one of your most important attitude-adjustment-strategies!”

Yes, I know it’s an important success strategy. I also know that I was committing the biggest sin a funny business speaker can make. I wasn’t WALKING THE TALK.  Hey, I screwed up!  I’m only human!  Okay, I’m a spiritual being too, but at the time my spiritual side wasn’t exactly overflowing with joy.  Plus I don’t’ believe my Positivity License will be revoked.

We all enter the Negative Zone at various times throughout our lives. The only thing that can lift us out of this Zone is to become aware of what this negative rampage is doing to us. When you enter a state of awareness, all negativity stops. You literally stop thinking about what isn’t working. This is your opportunity to SHIFT your focus and way of thinking on your assets, the things that lift you up and make you feel better so you can stay motivated and move forward. That’s exactly what I did and it worked.  It always works. So I guess in a way I was walking my talk. It just took a little longer than usual.

Here’s the cool part.  Sometimes, within this space of awareness, you may receive a “Cosmic Wakeup Call” that can rock your world and put your entire life into perspective. Such a Cosmic reminder came to me in the form of an AMAZON book testimonial that someone wrote for my book “Get Your SHIFT Together.” Mind you, this testimonial was written a year ago and I had it filed in a folder on my desk top.  But when I turned on my computer there it was, on my screen for me to read. I have absolutely no idea how it got there, but I must admit, after I read it I felt a little foolish about entering the Negative Zone in the first place.

I’m asking you to read this testimonial not to impress you, but to impress upon you that I am convinced that there is a force in this universe that is always working in our favor; especially when times are tough. This force comes to us in many guises and is constantly reminding us who we really are, what we are capable of doing and to never, ever give up. This Cosmic Wakeup Call not only put my life in perspective, but It also made me realize that somehow we are all connected and dependent upon each other in more ways that we may think.

Testimonial by Loren Murfield

“You gotta read this book – unless you are already one happy camper or want to remain miserable.  Steve Rizzo cuts to the chase and lays it out in a manner that all of us can understand – Happiness is YOUR choice.  When I first heard that I said, “Yeah, I know.”  But then I let it sink in.  “Happiness doesn’t ‘happen’ to me when the circumstances are right.  Instead, I can choose to be happy whenever I want, like every minute of the day.”

That is a big change in perspective and one that I needed to hear.  A lot of us think we know this but when we stop and really grapple with the idea, we really don’t use it.  We make excuses and blame our less than happy mood on something outside of ourselves.  Steve Rizzo calls us out on that lie.  Happiness is my choice!  What choice am I making?  That is a powerful challenge.  If you like a serious challenge in life, you gotta read this book.

I love his writing style as he weaves great stories, often with names we recognize, with powerful principles.   I also love how he interjects humor and his zany personality with short comments that keep the mood light.  That mood works to teach the reader exactly what he intends, that even in the midst of a bad situation where everything is going wrong, we have an opportunity to be happy.  He tells those stories, true stories that have happened to him and others, in such a humble and welcoming manner that it feels like he is sitting next to you.  I can’t think of a better way to learn this critical lesson.

I love reading biographies and especially the personal stories of how he chose to leave comedy at the moment he was about to realize his breakthrough.  That takes guts – or stupidity.  It doesn’t take long to see that he is serious about the power of humor to change our lives.  I like that.

In the midst of this serious topic he infuses it with humor  and this serves to model his mission.  I don’t see that often and enjoy it immensely when I do.  I usually find superficial humor with no real substance or very serious discussions with little humor.  He balances the two very well.  That is another reason why ya gotta read this book.

I’ve read a lot of books from popular press to highly technical.  “Get Your Shift Together” is one of the easiest books to read that makes the most sense.  The concepts are easy to grasp but this is no “3 easy steps,” so oversimplified that they are impractical.  No, he details the rotten situations we encounter and shows how we can make them better with our choice to be happy in that moment.  That is not an easy issue or answer but the remedy is simple to understand.  In other words, Steve Rizzo’s material is no joke, it is serious business that can change our lives, but he writes it in a way that leaves me laughing, thinking and changing.  What a great combination.  Like I said, yet another reason you gotta read this book.

No wonder a friend told me yesterday that he is not only loving the book, but bought 3 more for family members before he finished reading the book.  As he read further he went back and bought one for his boss.  Now that is funny! How many of us buy a book about “Humor is YOUR choice” and give it to our boss?  That is a sign of a great book.

The bottom line?  This book helped me lighten up and be happy.  I will definitely refer it to anyone who will listen.”

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