Your Beliefs Write the Story of Your Life

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Last week I was on a flight from Los Angeles to Orlando Florida. The woman next to me asked me what I did for a living. I told her that I was a motivational business speaker who challenges the attendees to shift their way of thinking so they can discover increased productivity, greater enthusiasm and new levels of success. She than asked me what the key was to achieve that. Without missing a beat I said, “Always remember!  WHAT YOU THINK IS WHAT YOU GET!”

Never under estimate the power of your thoughts!  Never!  When you discover how powerful your thoughts are, you will discover what the wealthy, successful, influential and highly motivated people have known and applied throughout history.

Here’s how this process works. To a great extent the quality of success and happiness that you achieve is determined by the information that you program into that brain of yours.  That information is processed by what you are thinking and by what you are saying out loud on a consistent basis. Those thoughts and words-positive or negative- over a period of time, create and solidify the beliefs you have about yourself and everything else in your world. In other words, the beliefs you have about anything in your life are formulated over a period of time through a consistent way of thinking. Your thoughts create your beliefs. Got it?  Good.

Your beliefs are also key factors that determine the attitude you have and how you respond to life’s situations, circumstances and events.  You could say that your beliefs write the story of your life. In fact, you should say that, because your beliefs do write the story of your life.

If your thoughts and words create beliefs that signify that you’re not good enough, smart enough, worthy enough, or that you’re always being victimized, you will have feelings of not being good enough, smart enough, worthy enough and being victimized. (Doesn’t sound like a very promising story, does it?)  Wait, there’s more. Those feelings trigger sensations that can range from stress, frustration and self-doubt, to fear, anger, hopelessness, despair and a host of other crippling emotions.

Like emotional piranha, these emotions feed off of each other and compel you to think more similar negative thoughts and say similar negative words that will compound an already stressful or hopeless situation, which in turn will make you feel worse…and so this vicious cycle continues.  I ask you dear reader; how in the world can you expect to stay motivated, much less succeed, when you are consumed by so much negative energy?  And it all starts with what you think and what you say out loud.  Remember, “What You Think Is What You Get!”  And here’s another nugget of information for you to dwell on: “What you say out loud is what you ask for.”

Please feel free to share your thoughts and insights. I welcome all comments.

Steve Rizzo is the Attitude Adjuster.  You can’t attend one of his keynote speeches, seminars, or read his books and leave with the same attitude.  He’s a personal development expert, motivational business speaker, corporate-comedian and best-selling author. It’s no surprise that Steve is also a Hall Of Fame Speaker Inductee. An honor bestowed upon on fewer than 200 speakers worldwide since 1977.


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