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Did you know that every time you laugh your body releases chemicals called endorphins?  Endorphins are naturally manufactured by the body to relieve pain.  Usually produced during periods of extreme stress, endorphins block pain signals that are triggered by the nervous system.  Endorphins are what marathon runners live for.  They are the body’s natural painkillers, […]

Many of my clients refer to me as “The Attitude Adjuster.”  Why?   I help people realize how they can acquire the attitude they need to succeed in all levels of life while enjoying the process.  Therein lays the key, my friend; “While enjoying the process.”  Unfortunately, in this day and age, enjoyment seems to […]

Years ago I was watching a Barbara Walters special on television.  She was interviewing Johnny Carson, a man who greatly influenced me as a comedian. It was during his last year as the host of “The Tonight Show.” I turned my TV on 15 minutes in advance, just to be sure I didn’t miss a […]

I’m nine years old and the youngest of three rowdy brothers.  I know my folks don’t have much money, but that doesn’t stop me from envying some of the other boys on our block – the ones with real store-bought superhero costumes. For what seems like a long time to me, maybe days, I watch […]

We are living in a world that is moving at an amazing pace.  It is easy to get lost and misplace our feelings and values.  Most of us are conditioned to devote most of our waking hours on our jobs and professional goals leaving little, if any, time for other important aspects of our lives. […]

I saw a road sign recently that made me smile: “Don’t wait for the storms of your life to pass. Learn to dance in the rain.” Read that again. That statement is a touchstone for living a happier life. “Dancing in the rain” is an attitude that truly happy and successful people live by and […]

Hello everyone.  I am excited to share with you the next episode of Steve Rizzo TV. Here you will learn secret to starting each day with an unstoppable attitude to succeed, regardless of your circumstances.   Peace & Laughter, Steve

. I hope you enjoy my RIZZ-O-ISMS. These are Common Sense Success Strategies that will not only take you to a better place in Business, but in Life. In my View, that’s the ultimate Success.   1)  When you fully appreciate that the mood you’re in right this second affects how you’ll deal with what’s […]

One Saturday night in 1992, I was performing at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles. The place was sold out, standing room only.   I was backstage talking to a fellow comedian, also named Steve.  We were discussing what a trip it was to make people laugh and, better yet, get paid for it.  We […]

And I Think to Myself, “What a Wonderful World!” This morning I was at my favorite table at my local “Panera Bread” restaurant when an elderly couple walked in.  They both had gray hair and the woman was wearing a soft pink sweater under her coat.  I noticed when they got in line, they were […]