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  By Steve Rizzo When I made the decision to make happiness my No. 1 priority every day, I became aware of a whole new world of possibilities. Healthier choices instantly presented themselves. I learned how to make myself feel better when times were tough, simply by shifting my thoughts and focusing on something that […]

  Too many people start their day in a bad or low mood at best.   And what makes it worse is that they have no idea why. That is to say, people may not be conscious of the fact that they are focusing on what is broken and not what can be created from their […]

Here’s something to consider.  Let’s say your goal is to become a Vice President of a big company.  After many years of intense stress, worry and an avalanche of emotional, mental and physical overload, you finally achieve your goal, along with all the wealth and prestige that comes with it.  Is this success?    If […]

Last week at JFK airport, the place was packed.  Snow was inches deep outside and everyone seemed to be feeling stressed out. I was standing at the gate, waiting to board, when the airline announced that my flight was cancelled. (Oh gee, what else is new?) It was obvious that the guy in front of […]

  The word “positive” seems to frustrate a lot of people.  I hear people say, “How do you expect me to be positive when nothing in my life is working?”  Or, “It’s easy for you to be positive and feel blessed.  You didn’t lose someone you love or you didn’t lose your job.” Maybe we should […]

Anyone can tell you that one key to living a happy, successful life is having a positive attitude, especially during adverse times. I know that sometimes it’s impossible to justify the depth of misfortune we encounter. I know that sometimes it seems impossible to stand tall and be positive when it feels like your world […]

  I’m here to tell you that no matter what your circumstances are, you can adjust your attitude and create a brighter reality for yourself.  It’s not the bad neighborhood you grew up in that led you on the wrong path.  It’s not the teacher who shunned your artistic talents or the parent who suggested […]

Honored to have been interviewed by the former CEO of Ingram Content Group Skip Prichard on his Leadership Insights blog.   I think you will really enjoy it! Here is the link

Sometimes it takes a great amount of courage to learn the lessons that life puts in front of us that enable us to grow. Many things of value can not be taught, they must be lived. Every now and then however, people come into our lives and set the ultimate example for what it means […]