Rizz-O-Isms: Common Sense Success Strategies (Part 7)

p888459 m - Rizz-O-Isms: Common Sense Success Strategies (Part 7)

Rizz-O-Isms are “Attitude Adjustment Strategies” that will take you to a better place in Business and in Life. They are designed to help you to reduce stress, acquire a positive attitude and to create habits for success and happiness.

    1. One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned is that nothing in life is wasted, if I learn from it. I needed every experience to help me grow.  And I mean every experience: the good and the bad, the successes and the failures, the pain and the glory.  I now understand that every step I took, whether forward or backward, was necessary to prepare me to recognize and receive whatever gift was given to me at the time.
    2. I believe in miracles. I also believe that when times are tough, especially when the odds are against us, we all have opportunities to perform our own miracles.  It’s a matter of how you perceive and meet the challenge.
    3. Too many people relinquish control of their lives and accept their circumstances for what they might seem to be.  Why?  They don’t know they have a choice, the tools, the power, or the know-how to confront their fears and challenges head on.
    4. When SHIFT happens, your life changes.
    5. Focus on hope, gratitude, and seeing the good during adverse times, and you will discover a brighter day, regardless of what is happening to you.    


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