Rizz-O-Isms: Common Sense Success Strategies (Part 5)

p552929 m - Rizz-O-Isms: Common Sense Success Strategies (Part 5)

Rizz-O-Isms are Strategies for Success and Happiness that will take you to a better place in Business and in Life. They are designed to help you to reduce stress, acquire a positive attitude and to create habits for success.

  1. Keeping a positive attitude, especially when it seems your world has run out of saviors, is one of the greatest accomplishments of life.
  2. In all circumstances you can choose how to show up and relate to what is transpiring.
  3. It is the wise individual who can make it a game to meet difficult circumstances with a smile, humor and an enthusiastic inner voice that can rise above the forces of negativity.
  4. Visualization is not just seeing your dreams come true, but also seeing yourself making it happen along the way.
  5. Your thoughts create your beliefs. Your beliefs write the story of your life. Now ask yourself, “What story am I writing?”

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