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Who Do You Think You Are? pt1

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Host: Steve Rizzo
Lynn Serrano, Real & Raw

The Word According to Bob – Power Shift in Focus.

I am constantly amazed by the ways that people manage to deny themselves the chance at happiness in the moment. Instead, they fall prey to dangerous mindsets that decrease their potential for happiness. They put their happiness on hold when they repeat and internalize negative statements like, “When I finally buy a house, I’ll be less stressed and I can enjoy myself,” or “I’ll be happy when I’m able to retire,” or “I would be happy if I only made more money.”

Trust me when I say there are always more bills to pay and something expensive to repair around the house. Unexpected setbacks will occur and new work projects will quickly replace the ones that are currently stressing you out. Statements that focus on what you lack in the present, or predicate happiness on a future event, destroy your chance of enjoying the moment.

The good news is there are always fresh opportunities to be happy. Imagine life is like Grand Central Station where happy times arrive around the clock. The chances are the opportunity to be happy has already arrived. Sometimes it’s right in front of you. For whatever reason, you’re focusing on your lack or you’re fixated on what isn’t working in your life and you are unable to shift your focus to notice and appreciate it. Regardless of what is happening to you, or going on around you, you can feel happier, you can be productive, attract success, and enjoy yourself during the process. When you gradually shift your focus towards what you have and what you are grateful for, your perspective changes. In other words dear reader; when shift happens, your life changes. So get your shift together.

director: Bruce Himmelblau

Posted on : July 18, 2023