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What is Your Greatest Fear?

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Steve Rizzo’s Hey, I’m Talkin’ Here – What is Your Greatest Fear?

Host: Steve Rizzo
Special Guest: Debbie Bettendorf
Director: Bruce Himmelblau

From asking your crush out on a date to skydiving, it is our fears that stop us from living fully. They are so powerful that they set us back each day.

We all want to conquer our fears to remove all the could-haves and should-haves from our stories. It is only through courageous living that we can do that.

Here are some ways you can handle fear more efficiently and live more courageously:

Choose to be Vulnerable
Brene Brown, author of the best-selling book Daring Greatly, has quite a lot to say about embracing our vulnerabilities. She argues that it is our belief in our unworthiness that prompts us to live fear-driven lives.

We are afraid to expose ourselves – to show others who we truly are. It is this fear of criticism and evaluation that is holding us back. In her book, she invites us to ‘dare greatly’!

Be Honest About Your Fears
It is difficult to deal with your fears if you are not honest about them in the first place. Research has shown that overcoming fears involves an accurate understanding of one’s own anxieties and limitations. Denial of fear will get you nowhere.

Expose Yourself to the Fearful Stimulus
One of the most effective ways of dealing with fears is to face them. Research has shown that repeated exposure to the fearful stimulus can tone down the fear response in the brain. Exposure therapy has become a common behavioral technique. It involves giving clients exposure to fearful stimulus in baby steps until it becomes more manageable. For instance, a person with fear of public speaking will be encouraged to first speak in small groups. Then, as the comfort levels increase, he or she tackles larger groups.

Find Ways to Manage Stress
Stress and fear are often connected with each other. In fact, feelings of stress are rooted in fear.

It is very important that you find a way to manage your stress levels more efficiently. Exercising and meditation are two incredible ways of doing that.

Rewire Your Brain
This might sound strange, but it is possible. Our brains are elastic – they have the ability to change and reorganize themselves with new connections. Rewiring of the brain will involve changing the belief systems.

Daily affirmations and mantras can prove to be very helpful. Also, reading books and attending motivational seminars can boost self-confidence and help in mitigating fears.

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Posted on : July 11, 2023