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Happiness isn’t one choice, like deciding which presidential candidate will make you less miserable or picking between the chicken and the prime rib. Instead, happiness is one long, continuous choice. If that notion seems too daunting, try thinking of it as a lifetime of small, moment-to-moment choices.

On any given day there are a number of reasons/excuses that I can use to justify being unhappy. It can be work related, family issues (if you knew my family you would definitely understand), time constraints or someone else’s bad mood. The key, however, is that I know I’m responsible for my own state of mind.  I am totally aware of what happens to me when I begin to lose the thread of that control. Allowing these outside forces or circumstances to determine my happiness can quickly send me into a downward spiral.

The same goes for you. Whatever it is that has the potential to keep you from enjoying the day and the success you desire, understand that it’s not the situation itself that is causing you to be unhappy or to feel unsuccessful. It’s really the thoughts you have about the situation. It’s what you choose to focus on over a period of time that fuel your emotions and defines your reality.

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Posted on : December 5, 2023