Words of encouragement, hope and joy that you speak out loud are like seeds that will always bear fruit that’s nourishing to the soul. Words that signify lack, chaos and hopelessness will always bear fruit that will no doubt give your soul, well, at the very least, indigestion.”

 – Steve Rizzo

We live in a world that’s incredibly competitive and unforgiving. Competition is cut-throat, and it’s a rat race all around. Some of us are made for that rush of adrenaline. We thrive under immense pressure. It’s the whole charcoal turning to diamond spiel. Continue reading

Sometimes the hardest times fall on us and we’re left wondering what we did to deserve it; in truth, nobody knows. You can be a saint, a sinner or a mix of the two like most of us are, and it can still be confusing to understand why you’re going through whatever it is you’re experiencing. Continue reading