Steve Rizzo spoke for our audience of around 600 frontline travel agents. He knocked it out of the park! His combination of business strategies and humor resonated with the young, old and in-between. He talked about getting your SHIFT together and showed us how to go through the day with an unstoppable attitude to succeed. […]

Every evaluation remarked on the excellence of your performance. Sales consultants told me that they finally realized why last year had been so difficult, namely because they failed to find any humor in the amount of work they were asked to produce. Managers are now walking around talking about having ‘options.’ Your message of optimism […]

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Your presentation at our Employee Workshop on humor and embracing change was outstanding. The feedback from our employees has been tremendous. When asked what topic or activity they valued the most about the workshop, 99% of them responded with Steve Rizzo. Your message was inspiring and very appropriate for our current situation. […]

The general consensus of our staff was that you were outstanding! Their comments included: ‘Outstanding … extremely motivating and inspiring.‘ ‘Steve gave us the challenge and permission to use humor at the workplace and in our personal life.’ ‘What an EMOTION BUILDER!’ ‘Great customer service affirmation.’

WOW! Sales people are a tough crowd and you absolutely nailed it! I can’t thank you enough for the mix of humor, purpose and passion you brought to the conference. You have a talent of drawing in a crowd and reminding them what business and life are all about!