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Please enjoy this funny video clip from one of my speeches – especially the part about husbands and wives.  Make it a great day and find the laughter within you and all around you.  Remember…Humor is the instant-mind-SHIFT!

  In this video clip Steve Rizzo talks about how enjoyment is the fuel that drives motivation. If you are not enjoying yourself during the process of achieving your goals it will be nearly impossible to stay motivated in the long haul.  Enjoyment is the spark that ignites passion and enthusiasm.  Slap that on your […]

As a Funny Motivational Speaker, I know that people go to comedy clubs because they want to laugh. That’s the only reason. Why do they want to laugh? The same reason they have sex. It makes them feel good. That’s the bottom line. Laughter simply makes you feel good. It charges your inner battery and […]