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  It absolutely amazes me that there are people who have been given every opportunity in life and still manage to sabotage their success and destroy their chances at happiness. Somewhere along the way they have adopted a negative perception about life and they continue to reinforce that perception by obsessive thinking. Let’s face it; […]

Did you know that studies have shown that those who make conscious choices to enjoy themselves and laugh throughout the day are more creative, productive and resilient to challenging situations?  They are also more likely to easily find solutions to complex problems.  In other words, focusing on your happiness makes you smarter.  How smart are […]

Did you know that laughter is essential for a healthy and productive workplace?  If you didn’t, you do now.  Whether you are in sales, in service, or in any other business using humor in your process will not only reduce stress, but improve morale, increase efficiency, and help you create lifelong relationships for success.  Humor […]

Part 1 One of the biggest challenges that companies face today is keeping their employees motivated to be at their best. I believe the challenge lies not just in knowing how to motivate, but how to keep them motivated to be at their best for more than just a few days. Most companies put a […]