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The Power of Prayer pt1

Featured Image 1 - The Power of Prayer pt1 – Steve Rizzo’s Hey I’m Talkin’ Here – The Power of Prayer pt 1
Host: Steve Rizzo – Author, Conversations with Bob
Co-Host: Eric Bam
Special Guest: Jennifer Gitomer, Author, Speaker, Sales Professional.

A conversation of self-help, motivation. We currently live in the United States of Entertainment, where the attention span of the average reader is minimal. Steve Rizzo has intuitively crafted an insightful book that strikes a balance between truth, humor and engaging narrative. Welcome to Conversations with Bob.
What do you pray for? Who do you pray for? Why do you pray? How does Bob answer your prayers?

Prayer is an essential part of religion. Bob always listens even though he may not answer immediately or the way that we want.

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Posted on : September 12, 2023