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Never Give Up

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This show is dedicated to Michael Rizzo who never gave up.
Host: Steve Rizzo
Co-Host: Debbie Bettendorf

Director: Bruce Himmelblau

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You’ve tried Plan A, Plan B, Plan C—and it could be forever until you stumble across a plan that works for you. We all come close to giving up, willing to settle for less than we deserve because it seems to be the easy way out of a difficult position.

Giving up should never be an option—and we can help you with some tips to try to master the art of never giving up!

Seek Out Mentorship and Support
A little support from loved ones or the right guidance by a mentor-like figure can help you resist the nagging urge to give up on your goals.

If you’re facing a difficult time in your efforts to make something out of yourself, then someone you look up to who possesses the insight you need can help you get some much-needed perspective.

The Active Effort to Be Positive
It’s easy to be cynical, to give into negativity and give up. However, it takes a lot more courage and effort to be positive, but the payoff is well worth it all. Even when you are faced with struggle and are staring failure in the face, a positive mindset can help you fight off the urge to quit.

Finding Your Balance
Most individuals have both personal and professional life goals, which is why a balance needs to be established and maintained between both aspects of daily living. Whether you’re stressed by setbacks in your personal life or at work, if one seeps into the other, everything can fall apart in an instant. Naturally, giving up is not an option!

Alter Your Attitude Toward Failure
No one can be immune to the feelings that failure brings. It is an unpleasant mesh of frustration, shame, stress and hopelessness. When we fail or encounter a tough obstacle, we are the closest to giving up.

The way to power through these thoughts of quitting on your goals is to alter the way you perceive setbacks. Take them not as reflections of your capabilities, but as an opportunity to learn and grow—to improve your skills and move on to the next plan of action.

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Posted on : October 24, 2023