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How to Manifest Your Desires

Featured Image 1 - How to Manifest Your Desires Steve Rizzo’s Hey, I’m Talkin’ Here – “How to Manifest Your Desires”
host: Steve Rizzo
co-host: Eric Bam
Special Guest: Jennifer Gitomer, author, speaker & sales coach
directed by Bruce Himmelblau

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a high-ranking employee or a team manager, there’s nothing that will drive you toward success more than the power of motivation. It energizes people and enhances their productivity by allowing them control over factors that may impede their progress.

The type of motivation that each individual requires to work at an optimal level may vary. You might get motivated by watching your fellow workers getting their work done on time; whereas, another individual might be motivated to work better after they’ve had a refreshing break.

How to Think, Laugh & Enjoy Your Way to Success in Business & in Life
This entertaining and content-rich program reveals the secrets of how to SHIFT your focus and way of thinking to create permanent change and a lasting positive attitude. Only the optimistic persevere, and Steve delivers the strategies necessary for tapping into the positive reserves that enable us not only to achieve our goals, but to enjoy the journey of life, both personally and professionally.

Even amid a worldwide pandemic, opportunities don’t disappear; they simply manifest in new and different ways. Optimism is the key to being able to recognize these opportunities when they arise. This program examines the real power of optimism as a currency that creates storm-weathering attitudes and allows the flexibility to identify alternate routes to success – even in this challenging climate.

Only the optimistic survive, and Steve delivers the Common Sense Success Strategies necessary for tapping into the positive reserves within each of us.

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Posted on : May 31, 2023