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How Relationships Affect Our Lives pt 1

Featured Image 1 - How Relationships Affect Our Lives pt 1 Hey, I’m Talkin’ Here – How relationships affect our lives, Personally & Professionally
Host Steve Rizzo
Co-Host: Eric Bam & Debbie Bettendorf
Special Guest: Doug Wing

Positive relationships in the workplace are based on trust.

A corporate environment that is conducive to trust-building offers safety for everyone. It should be known that managers and employees clearly have each other’s best interests in mind.

When workplaces encourage respect, trust and an innate understanding of each others’ roles in the organization, it results in faster decision-making, effective implementations, and enhanced productivity.

It becomes a lot easier for managers to provide feedback, and for employee to accept criticism and even anger at times, from their employers.

Motivational speaker and author, Steve Rizzo, often speaks on the motivational nature of incentives in the workplace. He suggests the following ways to build trust with employees.

Value Their Ideas!
When employees feel that their feelings and ideas are valued, they automatically open up to communication and influence from seniors. Hear them out; do it without inserting your opinions. Unfortunately, for many managers, it is a knee-jerk reaction to evaluate the viewpoint of the employee and then approve or disapprove what they’re saying. And the conversation isn’t even over yet!

Be Honest and Supportive
It can be difficult to tell the whole truth. However, if the facts can or will affect employee performance in the future, they deserve a heads up.

Remember, trust is a two-way street. If they realize your effort and are sensitive to their feelings, they will rally in support as well. Even when mistakes are made, understanding and trust goes a long way.

Build Accountability
When the corporate leaders and managers acknowledge their mistakes, while celebrating the successes, it sets up their credibility for employees. Managers must become the lead that employees would want to follow. Honest dialogue and accountability are leading factors in creating a culture of trust in an organization.

Encourage Self-Improvement
While there is no denying the importance of financial incentives, employees should also be provided with career building, personal and professional growth opportunities. When employees learn a new skill, they feel appreciated; the company benefits as well.

It is true that it can be difficult for new companies to support their employees financially. However, register the fact that training and development is part of organization’s responsibility. Give the staff time off if they ask for it. Accommodate their needs and they will return the favor by becoming more diligent with their work.

Posted on : August 15, 2023