The Recipe for Success Is What You Make It

Learning from Others

Your mom probably makes chicken soup differently than your best friend’s mom. You can enjoy both soups equally and try to learn their recipes, too. Maybe you like the flavor of one soup but the consistency of the other.

You see what you can manage and create something that comes halfway between both. Maybe you love your creation, maybe you don’t. Either way, you took the old, made the new and created something of your own, learning from other people.

The Recipe for Success Is What You Make It

At the end of the day, you took the same ingredients that were passed on to you, used them on your own and made something that probably doesn’t resemble the original.

Or maybe you followed your family recipe down to the T. It worked for your family members, and it’ll work for you—but maybe in the modern-day, big city life, being consistently on the go, you’re unable to spend hours preparing the perfect pot of soup. So you improvise, maybe even switch up the recipe, find alternatives and shortcuts and ingredients that work for you. It is your life, after all.

That’s kind of how success works, too.

The Recipe for Success Is Individual

Success is hard to define. For some people, it’s a six-figure income; for others, it’s owning their dream car or being a CEO by age forty. For others still, it’s graduating college, having a family and getting a small apartment or a home in the suburbs—and then there are those who see success as the ability to live life on their own terms.

The Recipe for Success Is What You Make It

It’s hard to break away from the notions of success that have been passed on to us by the outside world. Success doesn’t need to be a material thing; it’s about a state of mind, a feeling of contentment and the feeling that you’ve made it, that you’re there and that your work has paid off.

Success isn’t a destination; neither is fulfillment. They’re both journeys that we take on this road called life. How you get there is up to you, too.

Some people’s recipe for success is chock full of spicy setbacks that cause heartburn and heartbreak. For others, it’s a creamy and smooth recipe that lets them hit all their milestones and achieve all their goals without much circumstantial interference.

The Recipe for Success Is What You Make It

What your parents, neighbors, high school best friend, spouse or even child define as successful is never fully going to align with how you define it. They haven’t lived your life, taken your journey or cooked in the same pot as you, even if they’ve shared a kitchen.

So remember to take time out and figure out what it means to be successful to you, the individual. Call everyone else for a tasting when you’re unsure—since success isn’t always a solo endeavor either, and when you’re ready, content and satisfied, invite them to feast and celebrate.

As Hall of Fame, professional motivational and keynote speaker Steve Rizzo says:

People who consistently enjoy the process not only reap the benefits of achieving their goal, but they have a fond appreciation for how they earned it. In my view, that is the ultimate success. — Common Sense Success Strategies


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