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A Hall of Fame speaker and former national headline comedian, Steve knows how to captivate and inspire. He engages the audience with laughter as he gradually challenges them to SHIFT their way of thinking to discover Increased Productivity, Greater Joy and Enthusiasm and new levels of success.

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These companies have all been WOW’d by Steve Rizzo! These companies have all been WOW’d by Steve Rizzo!

What do the CIA, American Express and Marriott Hotels have in common?

They've all been WOW’d by Steve Rizzo!


How to Start Each Day with an Unstoppable
Attitude to Succeed Regardless of Your Circumstances.

The word “THIS” in the title refers to you, dear reader. How motivated are you on any given day?

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Find Out How to Laugh More, Stress Less, and Enjoy Success!

Who says you have to “get serious” to get everything you want out of life? Join Steve Rizzo and laugh while you learn life-changing success secrets you can apply to every part of your life. From reducing stress to meeting your goals (and having a great time doing it!), you’ll take away valuable tips and tools from every single episode.

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SHIFTing Attitudes with
Common Sense Success Strategies


Are you searching for an entertaining motivational speaker? Steve Rizzo is the man for the job. Combining humor and real-life experiences, motivational speaker / comedian / author Steve Rizzo inspires his audiences to become better at work and in life. With infectious energy, purpose and an interactive style, he has a natural ability to engage, empower, energize his audiences with laughter and help them to rediscover their personal and professional goals.

Steve challenges them to silence their negative thoughts, beliefs and attitudes to perform better and achieve more. Whether you are searching for motivational keynote speaker, a corporate event speaker or an inspirational guest speaker, Steve Rizzo has the expertise and experience to offer unique, insightful, life-changing sessions. Hire Steve Rizzo today!

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