Post-New Year’s, only 8 percent of people follow through with their resolutions. This indicates that only a handful of people possess the inner drive to keep their commitments. In other words, they lack self-motivation. The reason why self-motivation is so important is that it determines our ability to complete tasks and reach our goals. People with […]

Do you constantly feel that your life is stuck in a constant loop? Like you keep going through the same motions every day to no avail? When you’re already frustrated with the direction your life is going in, it’s easy to perceive everything through that lens. You may be convinced that nothing ever goes right […]

Sometimes, life begins to feel like a series of exhausting, never-ending weeks. In such times, it becomes increasingly difficult to stay motivated. After all, anyone can fall prey to burnout after long periods of working consistently.

Life is never smooth sailing. I’m sure you already know that. But knowing this truth isn’t always enough because no matter how much we prepare for the bad days, they still hurt us. I’ve been there too, so I’m not going to tell you it’ll be okay or that you’ll get over it.

We all know the dread of waking up day in and day out, showing up to work, waiting for the weekend and catching a case of the Sunday night blues before Monday comes back around. It can be daunting—even exhausting—to show up to work when you’re burnt out and tired to the bone.